Whatsapp for PC Download | Windows and Android

Guide to Install Whatsapp for PC.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps, which is ruling the whole Smartphone application market. Whatsapp for PC is an ultimate alternative for standard SMS, because it works seamlessly on various platforms, making it flexible and compatible with every SmartPhone.

 I’m going to illustrate how you can Download Whatsapp for PC. Installation of Whatsapp PC is simple and straight-forward. You can proceed with it, in a few hassle-free steps.

Get Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp for PC utilizes your Smartphone’s 3G or Wifi connection, to encrypt your messages, connects to the database, and makes uninterrupted messaging possible. Whatsapp only takes a few minutes upon installation, to grab your contacts, and synchronize it and adds your friends, who use Whatsapp messenger.

I am going to describe how you can access Whatsapp for PC with a simple tutorial. If you are looking forward to download Whatsapp for Android instead, use the link below:-

Android: Download Whatsapp Messenger from Google play.

There isn’t any official release of WhatsApp PC version unfortunately, however, we are going to Emulate it on our computer, through 3 simple steps without any hassle. There are several intuitive tools that can enable you to emulate Whatsapp for PC (Bluestacks, Intel Appup). I’m going to use the former for simplicity.

How to Download Whatsapp for PC

  • First of all, you need to Download BlueStacks app player offline version (From Bluestacks.com).
  • Once the download completes, run the wizard and follow the installation procedure to install the emulator on your Windows or MAC computer.
  • After successful installation, run Bluestacks from desktop or startmenu icon.

Whatsapp for PC

  • Browse to the ‘My apps’ tab located in the menu bar, use the search button, and search for Whatsapp‘.
  • Click on the first search result, and install Whatsapp for PC.

Run whatsapp on bluestacks

  • That’s it, just wait for the Whatsapp on PC installation wizard to complete, you can use the icon on home screen to run it.
  • On your home screen, you should be able to see a green telephone icon with a label Whatsapp messenger accompanying it.
  • Make sure you have a proper internet connection before using Whatsapp on PC.

Alternative Method for Whatsapp:

The method illustrated above works perfectly fine, However, if you have any trouble following it, You can follow this alternative method to Download Whatsapp for PC.

  • Primarily, Obtain the Whatsapp apk file. (There are dime a dozen sites that offer it, Just Google).
  • After completion of the download, Right click on the Whatsapp for PC apk file and choose Open With.


  • Just select Bluestacks apk handler from the list of applications, or browse to the bluestacks installation folder and choose the .exe file.
  • Installation wizard of Whatsapp for PC should automatically proceed. We have successfully installed Whatsapp on PC.
  • We have only installed the application, However, we need to configure Whatsapp on PC before using.
  • Run the application from ‘My apps’ screen and click on I agree to terms and agreement button.

Whatsapp on PC Installation

  • Choose the nation, where you are currently residing in, from the comprehensive drop-down list of all countries.
  • Enter your working legit mobile number in the input form. (Make sure it is functional, Since we need to enter a verification code).
  • Click OK. A verification SMS containing the code will be sent to your mobile number. Note it down, and enter it in the Whatsapp for PC verification field.
  • Either way, you can verify your Whatsapp account or identity using a phone call instead of SMS.

That’s it, you can start using Whatsapp for PC without any interruption. Most of the SMS freaks, prefer Whatsapp for PC basically due to the fact that it’s totally free, and it doesn’t sport any limit on daily SMS. You might be aware that the telecom ministry levied a restriction on daily messages to only a mere 100 SMS /Day.

However, there are even tweaked versions to directly run Whatsapp on PC directly, without any emulation or external software. However, it is not advised to use modified Whatsapp for PC versions, because most of them give refuge to malicious virus or malware.

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 Why use Whatsapp for PC

I’m sure you might be skeptical, why go through all this hassle to download Whatsapp for PC, while there are hundreds of alternative free messengers for Windows and Mac.

  • Whatsapp for PC is the most widely used messaging app on Smartphones (Available for Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, e.t.c).
  • Whatsapp for PC provides a lot of intriguing features, which include hundreds of emoticons, ability to send images and videos.
  • There is absolutely no limit on the number of messages. It is completely free and it doesn’t have any mind boggling telecom restrictions.
  • It is also equipped with an intuitive feature to know whether your messages have been delivered to the recipient, and if it has been read or not.
  • If the message is delivered, a single tick icon is accompanied behind the message, if it is read by the other party, two tick icons are displayed.
  • Whatsapp also provides a platform for group conversation, Video Chatting, Video Hangouts as well.
  • Whatsapp for PC enables you to customize notificationS / ping audio track, profile image, Display name, Privacy options, e.t.c.

Whatsapp for PC is one of the sought after applications by most of the avid Smartphone users. Note that, the recent spam circulation of Whatsapp on PC application on Facebook is fake indeed and filled with spam.

Hope you find it useful, Let me know if you have any queries or face any issues during the installation of Whatsapp for PC. Thanks for subscribing to our news feed.