Top 5 Best Media Players for Android

Android primitively doesn’t support numerous video formats’ playback. Android Media players encode the format and enables you to play any video on your Smartphone.

There are hundreds of apps available on the play store which makes it difficult to choose one. I’ve compiled a few of the Best Media players for Android to help you simplify your choice.

Top 5 Best Android Media Players

DoubleTwist Player

DoubleTwist is undoubtedly one of the best Media Players for Android.

DoubleTwist Player

  • Exhaustive library of over 12 million songs and playlists.
  • You can listen to live online radio, tune in to thousands of stations.
  • You can sign up for podcasts and grab daily updates.
  • Seamless integration with Xbox 360, Playstation, AirPlay, Apple TV, e.t.c.

MX Player

MX Player is one of the grossing and top rated Media players for Android, according the Google Play store statistics. Let us have an overview of it’s features.

MX Player

  • Smooth video playback, thanks to it’s multi-core compatibility.
  • Gesture support for video controls, zoom, e.t.c.
  • Supports subtitle files. You can also synchronize your audio or subtitle track.
  • Supports complex formats which include FLV, RealPlay, e.t.c. Justifies it’s tagline : Plays everything.

Mixzing Media Player

Mixzing is one of the most popular Media players for Android, which boasts of several innovative features.


  • Stream millions of music tracks for free through Internet Radio.
  • You can enable sing-along / Lyrics for any song.
  • Edit tags and create playlists or folders to organize songs by genre.
  • You can also view music videos.
  • Supports legal High Definition Album Art.

Winamp Player

Winamp is a trademark desktop media player, which recently entered the handheld platform market.

Winamp Android

  • Sync with your PC or Mac Winamp version.
  • Tune in to your favourite Shoutcast internet radio station.
  • High Definition Album art and Gestures are supported.
  • Simple and Elegant user interface which is smooth and progressive unlike other Media Players for Android.
  • Basic version is free, however you can purchase addons and upgrades such as Lyrics, More formats compatibility, e.t.c.


VLC Player Beta

VLC is one of the most trusted big players in Android Media player industry. Note that it is still in beta development stage.

VLC player Android

  • It sports an elegant user interface with neatly organized video library.
  • Gravity sensor enabled and Gesture control is equipped as well.
  • Stream network files and online videos seamlessly.
  • Video playback compatibility with almost every video format available.

Thanks for reading. Express your views on your favorite Media players for Android through comments.