How to Insert Middle Finger Emoticon in Facebook Chat

Despite addition of several brand new emoticons and stickers in Facebook Chat, there are a few significant emoticons still missing. Middle Finger emoticon and Thumbs down (Dislike) symbols haven’t been integrated with Facebook chat.

Thanks to page ID  integration, you can now Insert Middle Finger emoticon and other swear symbols in Facebook chat.

Facebook Middle Finger

Adding Middle Finger Smiley in FB Chat

  • Check the image illustrated above, to get the codes for Middle Finger, Dislike and Rock Sign emoticons respectively.
  • Primarily, Enable your Chat and choose a friend from you’re online friends list.
  • Just enter the code depicted below in the chat box.

Middle Finger: [[midfing]], Disklike: [[iidislyk]], Rock Sign: [[roxsign]]

  • Just wait a few seconds for the image to render. You have successfully inserted a Middle Finger emoticon.

Insert any image as an emoticon

There are infinite possibilities and permutations for new smileys. Just copy any Facebook page ID. For example, if you are looking forward to insert the profile picture of a certain page, say ‘Love’.

Just copy the page ID. (, Here ‘Love’ is the page ID. Embed the ID between “[[ and ]]” and paste it in chat. Check out the symbols derived from Page IDs.

Facebook emoticonsMoreover, you can design your own custom smileys by creating a new page. Adding your desired smiley image as it’s profile logo. Follow the procedure mentioned earlier.

How to enable Facebook Stickers

Facebook Chat Stickers, which were previously available only in official messenger apps, are now available on the desktop version as well. Stickers are basically bigger versions of emoticons. They constitute a perfect way to convey through emotions graphically.

Facebook Stickers

Enabling Stickers is pretty simple. In the chat box, choose the little smiley icon in the bottom right hand corner of the chat box. New tabs featuring different stickers sorted categorically should be displayed.

To integrate new stickers, just click on the Sticker Store icon, and choose your desired sticker pack from the list. You can add innumerable packs for free.

Several Stickers are currently available which include Despicable Me, Smileys,  Pusheen, Tiger, Banana, Beast, Mango, Happy Go Lucky, e.t.c.

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