How to Block a Number in Viber

Viber is an amazing app for sending free text messages, Making free voice and video calls and sharing photos and videos across the globe. Instead of phone network, it uses a data connection or a Wifi Network. Although it is one of the most popular messaging apps, Most of the users are not aware How to Block a Number in Viber.

I have received many e-mails from my readers regarding the block option. For users who do not wish to receive calls or messages from a particular number, here is a simple guide to Block someone’s number in Viber. It is essential for every user, because it is common for anyone to have a stalker or someone pestering.

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How to Block Someone’s Number in Viber

In previous versions, it was not possible to block a certain number in Viber. Upon user requests, the developer team finally decided to include the block feature in the latest version of Viber (Version 4.2) along with a few other features. Follow the instructions below to learn how to block a particular number.

  • Similar to Whatsapp, If you receive a message from an unknown number you can choose between two options. You can either add that person to youre existing contacts or block that contact / number.
  • If you wish to block a number in Viber groups, just click on the Group info icon and Choose ‘Block’ from the device menu.
  • If the number is already in your contact list and you wish to block that number from Viber, follow the above step , click on the conversation icon instead.
  • Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Privacy Options > Block List > Block Contact. Just enter the number you wish to block including the code.

Unblock  a Contact / Number

To unblock a certain number, go to Settings -> Privacy Options -> Block List.

Choose a number which you’ve blocked earlier and click on the Unblock button.

Block a Number in Viber : What Happens?

Before blocking a number in Viber, make sure you are ready for a few consequences. After adding a number to the block list, it  will prevent that contact from:-

  • One-to-One messaging and voice calls with you.
  • Your profile information will still be visible to the blocked user.
  • You will not be able to send files or images to that specific contact.
  • Your previous conversations will not be deleted automatically.

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