Hill Climb Racing for PC Download (Windows/Mac)

Hill Climb Racing might be a new comer, but it certainly knows how to play it’s cards. It made it’s quickest way into the Top Grossing list of the Google Play store, with downloads in the magnitude of 10 million. In this article, I am going to illustrate how install Hill Climb Racing for PC.

Hill Climb Racing for PC is purely based on an intuitive physics engine. The primary objective of the game, is to hike the steep and deep hills on an ATV or a truck while striking balance using elementary concepts of physics, to avoid tripping down and crashing. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing Gameplay

Before jumping right in to the actual topic, Installing Hill Climb Racing for PC, let’s have a quick overview on it’s intriguing gameplay and features.

  • Sophisticated Physics engine to keep you thrilled throughout the gameplay.
  • You can purchase vehicles and choose between 14 different versions (Jeep, Truck, ATV, Bicycle, Snowmobile, e.t.c).
  • Numerous locations and 14 terrains like snow (You can drift around using a snowmobile), desert, grasslands, moon, e.t.c.
  • Hill Climb Racing enables you to upgrade and customize various parts including Engine, Tires, Suspension, e.t.c.
  • Collect coins and obtain the highest score, to score a place in the leaderboards.

The gameplay interface is subtle and simple to get familiarized with. Hill Climb Racing basically features only two controls. Brake and the Gas Pedal. You can drift around the terrain, while striking a perfect balance and velocity to avoid tripping while trekking the hill slopes.

Hill Climb Racing You also need to control the throttle, as the fuel is limited and you can get deserted in the middle of nowhere.

How to Download Hill Climb Racing for PC

There are in fact two ways, you can obtain Hill Climb Racing for PC. The former is a direct, online play while the latter involves an Android emulator and takes a few minutes to install.

Online Gameplay

Although the exact version of Hill Climb Racing isn’t official published for online gameplay platform, but there are several similar games, in fact, more enhanced games. Check out my favoritehill climbing game below.

Offline Gameplay

Despite the lack of official release, You can still obtain Hill Climb Racing for PC (Windows and MAC) using an intuitive tool called Bluestacks app player. Have fun playing Hill Climb Racing for PC.

  • Primarily, install Bluestacks from the official website bluestacks.com.
  • Now, browse to the ‘My apps’ tab and click on App search button.
  • Enter the name ‘Hill Climb Racing’ in the input search form.
  • All the relevant results would be displayed, click on the first one and start the installation procedure.

After installation, you can directly execute the app by clicking on the icon.