Download Highway Rider Game for PC

Highway Rider is one of the engrossing games in the Google Play Store, garnering over a million downloads of it’s free version. If you are an avid gamer, I’m sure you are willing to download Highway Rider game for PC, and experience it’s thrills and frills on a larger life-sized screen.

Highway Rider PC

How to Download Highway Rider PC Game

Unfortunately, there isn’t any direct version of Highway Rider for PC, you will need to emulate the Android application through any tool, such as Youwave or Bluestacks. I have already illustrated how to use Bluestacks to run Android games and apps on PC, in my earlier post Temple Run for PC.

So for reference purpose, I’m going to illustrate how to use Youwave.

  • First of all, Download Youwave on your PC (Supports Windows XP, Vista, 8 and 7, Not compatible with Mac or Linux). Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game.
  • Run the application after the installation process completes, There are a few games already installed such as Bejeweled, Puzzle games e.t.c.


  • Just Download the APK File of your desired game, Google ‘Highway Rider APK’ and choose a download source. But make sure you own the game, before download it’s source file, if it is a premium game.
  • Place the downloaded file in User Directory/Youwave/Android Apps/. 
  • That’s it, you can run the downloaded app seamlessly, if it is compatible with your specifications. Have an action-packed gaming experience with Highway Rider.

Highway Rider Gameplay

Highway Rider is a simple and small-sized game, which rather created ripples in Smartphone gaming industry.

  • You are professional Rider, who perform stunts to earn your bread.
  • You need to perform ‘Close Calls’, move very close to the vehicles on the road and pass ahead of them. If you are close enough, you will obtain points as well as a boost in speed.
  • You can also tap on the rider, to perform a wheelie and boost your riding speed.
  • The controls are simple and straight forward, Just Tilt your device, to direct the bike accordingly.
  • You can purchase motorbikes and upgrades with the coins, you earn.

If you have any issues while downloading and installing the game, Contact us or comment out here.