Download Flappy Bird for PC (Windows/Mac)

Flappy Bird is the latest viral sensation in the Smartphone arena. It features a simple gameplay with minimal graphics. All you need to do is flap the bird and fly as far as you can, without touching the pipes (Obstacles) ahead of you. Although the mobile-based version in unavailable for now, Flappy Bird for PC is available for free.

Don Nguyen, creator of the game officially removed Flappy Bird from Google Play store and Apple Store as well, simultaneously due to undisclosed personal reasons. But don’t freak out yet, because I am going to provide a simple and easy way to download Flappy Bird for PC. Just follow the instructions depicted below.

Flappy Bird for PC

Download Flappy Bird for PC (Windows and Mac)

There are two ways you could work around for downloading Flappy Bird for PC. You can either play the game online or download the offline based version. The former is simpler and hassle free.

Online Version:
If you wish to play Flappy Bird on PC online, just click on the following link. (Google Chrome is recommended). Make sure HTML5 content is enabled on your browser

Click here to Play Flappy Bird PC Online.

You can also play the vintage Helicopter game below, which is suspected to be the source of inspiration for this game. The controls are pretty straight-forward, just click on the screen to fly the helicopter higher and avoid crashing.

Offline version:
  • To install the offline version of Flappy Bird for PC, first download Bluestacks.
  • Subsequently download the apk file of the game (Just Google it around).
  • Now, right click on the apk file and choose Open With option from the drop down.
  • Choose ‘Bluestacks apk handler’ from the list displayed and Click OK.
  • You have successfully installed Flappy Bird on your computer.

Flappy Bird for PC Review

Flappy Bird game features a highly addictive gameplay. It is simple and basic, but the game went incredibly viral in just a week ahead of it’s release. The reason behind it’s success is word of the mouth publicity. The creator of the game disclosed a total revenue of 50,000$ per day via in-app advertisements and sponsorship.

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However, due to the fear of copyright infringement lawsuit and violent criticism, the developer resorted to take the game down. However, you can always play the historic game, Flappy Bird for PC on this page.