Download Flappy Bird Apk for Android

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous article on how to Download Flappy Bird for PC, Flappy Bird for Android game is the current viral sensation buzzing around the internet. It was removed from the play store yesterday. In this article, I am going to comprehensively illustrate how to download and install Flappy Bird apk for Android.

The craze has gone off the charts, thanks to the developer’s notorious negative psychology marketing. There is currently an e-bay auction for iPhone installed with Flappy Bird apk with a current bid of whopping 100,000 dollars.

Flappy Bird for PC
Incidentally, there are currently on-going auctions for Android phones installed with Flappy Bird apks. It could cost you a fortune to take such miserable step. However, You can easily install Flappy Bird game for Android by downloading the apk file, without having to synchronize with the official Play Store. Isn’t that simple?

How to Download Flappy Bird Apk Latest version

In order to download the latest version of Flappy Bird, just click on the black download button located below. The download process should automatically start.



Installation Procedure

  • Firstly, make sure ‘Allow installations from unknown sources’ option enabled.
  • You can check it, by browsing to your settings folder -> Apps / Applications.
  • Now, connect your Smartphone to your computer / laptop through USB cable.
  • Now, copy the Flappy Bird apk file you’ve downloaded earlier.
  • Move the file to your device’s internal memory or external storage card.
  • Disconnect your device and launch any file explorer available on it.
  • Browse to the location of the apk file and just double click on it.
  • If the Flappy Bird apk is successfully installed, a shortcut icon will be created.

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Flappy Bird Gameplay and Review

Flappy Bird garnered instant fame due it’s prime feature, it’s simplicity. It doesn’t sport exquisite graphics or complex gameplay. It is based on very simple yet addictive concept. The only thing you need to do is control the bird and fly as far as you can without touching the pipes or crashing down.

Flappy Bird
Though it’s obvious that the sounds and sprites in this game are ripped from Nintendo’s old-timer Mario, while the gameplay is highly inspired from Helicopter game. Nevertheless, Flappy Bird apk for Android and iOS versions were able to generate 50,000 dollars each day through in-app advertisements.

If you face any trouble while installing the latest version of Flappy Bird APK, contact me.