FireFox Offline Installer Download for Free

FireFox holds a major market share of web browsers, thanks to it exhaustive list of intuitive features and functionality. If you are looking for FireFox Offline Installer, You can use the download link illustrated in the bottom of the post.

Before getting into it, lets have a quick overview of the browser and the reason behind it’s immense popularity.

Download FireFox

In fact during the release, Mozilla FireFox wasn’t from a popular line when it was launched. It was developed by a non-profit organization named Mozilla Corporation and was released as an open source platform, dedicated to redesign the web browsing experience.

The significant features Firefox is equipped with, which led it’s victory over Windows Explorer, Safari, Opera, e.t.c, are multi-tabbed browsing, semantic web properties, Addon manager, Download manager with innovative pause and resume capability.

FireFox Download manager

The latest version of FireFox Offline Installer is the V23 Beta, which includes a huge change list with several improvements, addons and bug fixes.

Mozilla FireFox V23 Features

Make sure you are completely aware of the whole feature list, before downloading the FireFox Offline installer.

  • Enhanced security features to protect sensitive data from ‘Man in the Middle’ attacks and other memory leaks.
  • Enhanced User Interface, with a Mac Styled scrollbar addition.
  • HTML5 is completely integrated into the browser engine, making HTML5 web pages rendering seamless and hassle-free.
  • Enhanced Social Sharing functionality, with intriguing social network integration.
  • Javascript on Pages, Tab bar and Automatic Image Loading features are enabled by default. (Tick Boxes are eliminated from preferences).
  • FireFox Version 23 is more streamlined and optimized, which ensures smoother and lightning fast browsing experience.
  • Improved Touch screen features and a rehashed interface for touch devices.

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How to Download FireFox Offline Installer

Most of the Download sources provide a online installation file, which requires an active internet connection for the complete download process to proceed. This FireFox Offline Installer is a standalone installation wizard.

  • Click on the following button illustration to start downloading.


  • After Downloading, Run the installation wizard and choose your browser preferences and directory for installation.
  • It would prompt you to choose Firefox as your default web browser, you may accept or deny based on your choice.

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