Dolphin Browser for PC Download (Windows, Mac)

Android is the leading Smartphone OS platform. There are several popular apps which have set a paradigm for modern day computing. Dolphin Browser HD is one app that exemplifies my statement. 


I have received several e-mails requesting instructions on how to download Dolphin Browser for PC. As you might already be aware, this browser is only available for Android and iPhone / iPad.

How to Download Dolphin Browser for PC

Before installation, you need to download an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Kemulator. Click here to learn how to Download and install Bluestacks app player.

  • After installation, Run Bluestacks installer and wait for it to initialize.
  • Browse to the ‘My apps’ tab on the menu bar to view your existing applications.

Run WeChat Bluestacks

  • Use the spy tool / Search icon and enter ‘Dolphin Browser’ in the input box.
  • Several app results may appear below, choose the relevant application and click on it.
  • It will automate the installation procedure (You only need to install once). The progress will be illustrated.
  • After completion, you can run it directly. In future, if you want to run Dolphin browser for PC again just go to My apps tab.
  • Your internet connection will be automatically synchronized with the emulator without any hassle.

Dolphin Browser PC Features

Wondering what made Dolphin Browser for PC stand out of the league and emerging as the leading Smartphone browser? Check out it’s exhaustive features and figure it out yourself.

  • It is the first mainstream browser to implement tabbed browsing without crashes.
  • Lightning fast browsing speed, thanks to page compression and minimization engines.
  • Social sharing options. You can share your favorite webpage with your buddies on Facebook, twitter, e.t.c with a single click.
  • Innovative Gesture support. You can control, navigate within the browser and webpages using gestures.
  • It’s trademark Sonar engine enables voice recognition. You can control it with simple voice commands.
  • Cloud Sync is possible through Dolphin connect. You can save your bookmarks, history and passwords on the cloud.
  • Simple and Clean bookmark and favorite page management.
  • You can customize your home screen. There are over 60 addons to personalize your browser experience.

There are numerous other intriguing features which i can’t pen down in a single article. Just download the browser and try it out first hand.

Although it is a straight forward process, Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any trouble or issue while following the above depicted instructions. Thanks for subscribing.