CSR Racing for PC Free Download (Windows/Mac)

CSR Racing is a full fledged drag racing game for Android. It features an awesome gameplay, storyline backed up by incredible graphics and visual effects. It is downloaded by millions of users in the Play Store itself. Today, I am going to illustrate how you can download CSR Racing for PC Free.

CSR Racing is a high-end racing game, which features numerous licensed real sports cars. It offers you a slick gameplay experience that pushes you behind the wheel for hours on a stretch. Before download CSR Racing PC version, Let’s a have a quick overview of the gameplay features.

CSR Racing PC

CSR Racing for PC Gameplay Review

You can ship your desired sports car overseas, tune it and gear it up. Ride it along the vacant streets for a drag race. You can tune your car engine, aerodynamic design, tires and Nitrous oxide boost. It features numerous real world cars from the lines of Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, BMW, Ford, e.t.c.

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CSR Racing for PC game is powered by amazing graphics, which leaps the fine line between Handheld and PC / Console gaming. The protagonist character is a rookie racer, who strives his way to a top-class racer in the city controlled by 5 race gangs.

The game is divided into 5 different tiers with ascending levels of difficulty. Player can progress or move on to a new level / tier by beating the crew and eventually their boss in a drag race. If you win the race, you will be able to impound the boss’s car and add it to your garage.

CSR Racing
The controls of CSR Racing for PC are simple and straight-forward. Unlike conventional racing games, all you need to do is shift gears at proper Revs. You will lose speed if you shift gears at irregular intervals.

How to Download CSR Racing for PC

To run CSR Racing game on Windows, we are going to use an application known as Android emulator. It enables us to run any Android app/game on Windows and Mac.

  • Basically, download Bluestacks offline installer from the official website.
  • Download the Windows or Mac version depending on the OS you are using. Follow the instructions to install it.
  • Now, double click on the search icon located on top of the navigation menu.
  • Search for ‘CSR Racing’ in the input search form and Click OK.
  • Click on the first result and follow the on-screen instructions to install the game.

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You can run CSR Racing PC version anytime, by opening Bluestacks and choosing the game icon from the ‘My Apps’ tab.