Clumsy Bird Apk for Android Download Latest Version

Clumsy Bird is yet another Flappy Bird Ripoff. But don’t get fooled by it’s name, The game isn’t clumsy but elegant and exciting actually. Clumsy Bird garnered instant popularity and has over 20 Million downloads. Here, I am going to illustrate step by step instructions on how to download Clumsy Bird Apk Latest version for Android.

The primary objective of the Clumsy Bird game is to guide the helpless little birds (Whose eggs got stolen by evil dragons) through a series of challenging obstacles. The latest version (1.6) has been released this week. The latest Clumsy Bird apk features a few new bug-fixes and game achievements support.

Clumsy Bird PC

Clumsy Bird Apk Latest Version (1.6) Download

Follow the guide mentioned below to download and install Clumsy Bird Apk for Android.

  • Double Click on the Black download button located below.


  • Clumsy Bird Apk latest version should automatically start downloading to your PC.
  • Later, Connect your Android Phone to your PC through USB port.
  • Enable File Sharing and wait for it’s internal memory to get scanned.
  • Now, move the Clumsy Bird Apk file from the download location to internal memory.
  • Disconnect your Phone and Run any File explorer.
  • Browse to the folder where you’ve copied the apk file and double click on it.

Clumsy Bird Apk for Android Overview


Clumsy Bird for Android was developed and published in year 2014, by Candy Mobile, an independent game development studio renowned for it’s other games such as Escape Action and Zombie Escape. Soon after Flappy Bird was banned from the Play store and Apple App Store, it gained instant popularity.


Clumsy Bird Apk features excitement and enthrallment in every level. At your first look, the game might look boring and typical, as it doesn’t sport spectacular graphics but it does get you addicted to the game. I can definitely vouch for it. So, Make sure not to install this game if you’re exams are near.

The primary objective of the game is to fly a bird through tree trunks (Obstacles) without hitting them or touching the ground. You need to go as far as you can without hitting them. You can also challenge your friends online.


The Latest version of Clumsy Bird includes several new features like integration of Google Play Services, Smoother Gameplay, Bug fixes in multiplayer mode, e.t.c.

That’s it folks. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.