Camscanner for PC or Windows Computer

CamScanner is rated as one of the most popular and useful Utility app available. It’s statistics exemplifies it’s popularity. It is currently installed on more than 60 million devices. If a teeny phone camera can do it, why can’t your PC webcam or digital camera perform a similar job? I am going to list out Camscanner for PC alternatives.

CamScanner for PC alternatives don’t just capture images of your documents. They function as a full fledged virtual scanners. When you scan a document, the edges are automatically cropped and the image is flattened to resemble the input of a Flatbed scanner. Camscanner PC automatically converts the image to a PDF document.

camscanner for pc

Camscanner for PC Alternatives


Snapter is a premium scanning application available for Windows. You can now use your web cam or digital camera as a scanner. Snapter offers a myriad of features like:

  • Scanned images are automatically stretched, flattened and cropped to the edges.
  • Snapter automatically changes the orientation (Rotates the image straight).
  • It splits the image of two pages into 2 different images.
  • The above feature saves you a lot of time, you can be twice as efficient.
  • A free version is available on a limited trial basis, full version is available for 20$.

Snapter is the best Camscanner for PC or Windows computer alternative in my opinion.

Prizmo for Mac

Prizmo is a free utility which allows you to scan and OCR your physical documents.

  • It is integrated with OCR (Optical Character Recognition technology).
  • OCR converts your scanned documents into digital text.
  • Prizmo currently supports over 40 languages and detects text, images and digits.
  • Built-in Text to Speech converter. You can read out the text in over a 20 languages.
  • You can extract images for a scanned document consisting of text and photos.
  • Page Curvature correction, Orientation correction, Perspective correction, Non Linear Distortion correction, Frame Detection are some of it’s versatile features.

Prizmo is a perfect alternative to Camscanner for PC or Mac, it is also available for iPad but it doesn’t support Windows platform.

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Bluestacks enables you to emulate the exact same version of Camscanner on PC.

  • First, download Bluestacks emulator from the official website.
  • Install and Run it through the desktop shortcut icon.
  • Click on the search button located below and type ‘Camscanner for PC’.
  • Click on the relevant Camscanner app and proceed with the installation.
  • That’s it. When using Camscanner, grant access to your PC’s web camera.
  • Note that I have not personally tested this method. It may not function properly.

Hope you found these Camscanner for PC alternatives useful.