Top 3 Best Torrific Alternatives

With the Advent of torrents, file sharing was never easier. Intuitive features such as Peer-to-Peer file sharing, download resuming, e.t.c contributed to it’s success.Torrific used to provide a terrific service, by providing a platform to Download torrents without a client. Unfortunately, it is currently closed now.

However, there are several alternatives for, if you wish to avail a similar service. Check the Top 5 list mentioned below.

Best Torrific Alternatives



ZBigz provides a secure platform for direct torrent file downloads, without caching. It basically serves as an online torrent client and currently is the best alternative for Torrific.

  • It is direct and straight-forwarding download process. You don’t need any installation or configuration to perform.
  • It basically acts as a proxy, it downloads the data from torrent peers, caches them on it’s cloud server, and provides a direct download link.
  • You can seamlessly use it as an alternative, if torrent downloading is prohibited or restricted in your office network or workplace.
  • It provides great transfer rate (Download speed).

You can even sign-up for premium membership to access extended features, higher bandwidth and other intriguing features.




Put.IO is  a cloud based Internet Download manager, which also enables you to download torrent data without standalone clients or other external tools.

  • Put.IO offers lightning fast data transfer rate. Download your files in a couple of minutes.
  • It is cloud based, enabling you to Download your files from any internet connected device.
  • Fast and Reliable customer support.

However, it isn’t a free service like ZBigz. Nevertheless, it offers membership packages at unbeatable price tags. 50 GB bandwidth per month only costs you around 10 bucks. Premium membership gets you access to Dedicated bandwidth, Blazing transfer speeds.


Furk is one of the best free alternatives of Torrific. It is specifically intended for direct streaming of torrent media files on your Desktop or handheld devices.

  • Secure proxy for leeching and direct download of torrent files without external applications.
  • You can directly stream video, audio and other media files through your favorite media player applications such as Winamp, VLC Player, e.t.c.
  •  Furk even features an innovative browser plugin, to notify you whenever download cache is completed.

In my opinion, ZBigz is the best Free alternative for Torrific. If you intended to stream media files, I advise you to go with Furk. If you encounter any problems during follow up, Notify me through comments.